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Opinion: Cops pull baggie of crack from drug dealer’s rectum. Welcome to gang life!

Gang life isn't as sexy as some portray it to be
drug bag
A bag of crack cocaine.

Police agencies are working overtime right now to deal with a spate of deadly gang shootings, including two in Burnaby in recent days (and two more in February).

One way they are trying to tackle the gang war is by trying to combat the view that gang life is glamourous.

For me, personally, I would think someone getting gunned down in a Burnaby parking lot or on the street would make things decidedly ugly, but that’s just me.

Apparently, some people think that’s a fine way to go out.

Here’s another example of just how sad and pathetic gang life is.

Surrey RCMP detailed an incident in which a drug-filled dialer-bag was pulled from the rectum of a drug trafficker.

Police stopped a rental vehicle that violated the BC Motor Vehicle Act.

“During their interaction with the driver, officers observed evidence consistent with drug trafficking,” said a news release. “The male driver and his passenger were arrested for possession for the purposes of trafficking. Further investigation led officers to locate multiple cell phones. Both men were transported to police cells and during a search of the suspects, a large dialer bag full of suspected crack cocaine and powder cocaine was located protruding from the rectum of the vehicle’s passenger. When the bag was removed police located 18 rocks of suspected crack cocaine with a total weight of 9.05 grams and 26 spitballs of suspected powder cocaine with total weight of 14.05 grams.”

Real sexy stuff being involved in a gang, eh? Such a lavish lifestyle as you waddle around with a bag of drugs in your bum.

And you still have the possibility of years in jail or getting shot to look forward to.

“There are gang members on social media trying to sell the idea that gang life is a life of wealth, luxury and prestige,” said Constable Sarbjit Sangha, Surrey RCMP Media Relations Officer. “The reality is that gang members live in constant fear of getting robbed or murdered by other gang members, or getting arrested by police. This is the reason why they risk their lives by sticking bags of deadly drugs into their rectums.”

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