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Park board asks Vancouverites to help care for thirsty trees

Too bad Vancouver isn't Wonderland and there are no cakes that say 'Eat Me'.
vancouver park board asks residents for help watering trees
Vancouver park board is hanging tags on new city trees asking local residents to help water them.

The recent heat wave found many Vancouverites trying to stay cool and hydrated. Luckily the hot temperatures have begun to simmer down after the long weekend.

Locals may spot a few tags on city trees asking for help, and those willing to share their water can offer a helping hand.  

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation is asking residents to help keep the trees green, decorating new trees around the city with 'Water me, please' tags.

"This new tree needs water twice a week," the tag reads. The park board also recommends at least 10 to 20 litres of water be spilled over the trees' roots two times per week.

Water restrictions don't apply to trees and shrubs, according to the tags. 


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