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Vandals turn Vancouver park water fountain into a bubble bath

It was seen spilling over with foam bubbles.
Yaletown park bubble bath fountain
A water fountain in Emery Barnes park in Yaletown was seen spilling over with bubbles on Oct. 4, 2022.

A Vancouver park water fountain was turned into a bubble bath this week.

The water fountain in Yaletown's Emery Barnes Park was seen spilling over with bubbles after a foam-inducing substance was added to the water Tuesday night (Oct. 4).  

The bubbles were eventually burst by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, but the process of restoring the water fountain took time. 

"Our crew has responded by adding a defoamer to neutralize the foam," the park board explained in an email to Vancouver Is Awesome. "The system then had to be backwashed through filters in the mechanical room until the water was restored to the correct chlorine levels and running normally."

The park board notes that such acts of vandalism "incurred significant staff time and effort, which could be better spent elsewhere," adding that the incident has also been reported to the Vancouver Police Department (VPD). 

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