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Photographer evokes pure nostalgia with film shots of Vancouver (PHOTOS)

These photos will transport you back to the days of Smash Mouth and frosted tips! 📸

Despite most of the world moving from analog to digital over the past 30 years, photographers who shoot using film are able to instantly transport the viewer back in time.

At least, that's what the reaction has been from many Vancouverites on social media who have come across the work of Reddit user CostanzaBlonde. As the name might suggest, the Vancouver local is obsessed with the 90s and has lately been sharing snaps of the city taken with a film camera from the era. In total, they have shared 17 photos of Vancouver both before and during the city's dump of snow earlier this month. 

The photos were taken with an Olympus Infinity II and the film was developed at a local London Drugs according to follow-up comments by CostanzaBlonde.

"If you had said these pictures were taken in the 90's I would have believed you!" wrote one admirer of the photos.


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