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Photos: Beautiful forest 'oasis' in South Vancouver now selling for under $9 million

The house features one unique room built as a bridge.

The price appears to have dropped again on a beautiful house in South Vancouver.

The home at 1880 SW Marine Drive, nicknamed "The Bridge House," is currently on the market for $8.99 million, which is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. However, it is a bit of a deal when compared to its past listings. 

Its sales history shows it last sold for $8.89 million in 2015.

In 2018, the luxury home was listed for $13.98 million and then dropped down to $11.98 million a few months later. A YouTube ad shows more recently it was listed for around $10 million.

It seems BC Assessment agrees with previous prices, too. In its most recent evaluation of the property and house, it was pegged at $11.39 million.

The house has an almost fantasy-like setting amidst the forest. A creek runs by and trees give a fair amount of privacy for a home inside the City of Vancouver; the real estate agent calls it a "private oasis" in the listing.

The structure itself has some notable architectural features; the foremost is where the nickname "The Bridge House" comes from. One room (almost a hallway in some ways) sticks across from one building to another (the East and West wings), a full story above the forest floor.

The space, with windows lengthwise on both sides, gives it an amazing view of the area.

The other most striking feature is the buildings' castle-like quality, with plenty of stonework on the exterior and some on the interior as well. Not so much a medieval castle as a more recent build, like an English manor.

It also has a billiards room, home gym, swirlpool, elevator, and wine room.