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Photos: New SkyTrain cars are being built right now. Here's what they look like

Say hello to the Mark Vs.

SkyTrain, the next generation.

That's what's being built in Quebec right now, as 205 brand new Mark V SkyTrain cars are being put together. The huge train cars are in the first stage of a journey that will end with them being sat in by locals; photos from the factory show some of the first cars being built.

"The first new SkyTrain cars are expected to arrive late next year. After passing all their testing, you might see some of the cars in service in 2024, with the full fleet on our system by late 2028," states TransLink.

While the previous generation of SkyTrain cars were Mark IIIs (not including those on the Canada Line, which use a different motor system), there is no Mark IV entry.

With more than 200 new cars, it's the biggest order TransLink has made for the SkyTrain system. It also means the Mark Is are going to be retired.

"95 new SkyTrain cars [are] allowing for a phased retirement of our first-generation MKI vehicles, which entered service in 1985," states TransLink. "110 new SkyTrain cars will improve capacity on the Expo and Millennium Lines, and help support expansion for the Broadway Subway."

The new cars are larger and more accessible, states the transit operator.

"They have mostly forward-facing seating and will also include features like more space for bikes, luggage, and leaning pads," staff explain.

New digital displays will provide information and strip lights will be used to help those who are hard of hearing.

"The incoming Mark V trains will make SkyTrain better and more convenient for customers, with added amenities for people using mobility devices, strollers, and bicycles," says TransLink.

While they won't be on the rails right away, the first of the Mark Vs will arrive in Vancouver in late 2023.