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Photos: Tiny downtown Vancouver apartment is just half of the living room

A privacy screen has been set up to separate it from the rest of the room.

While it's being called a private den in a Craigslist ad, one tiny Vancouver rental space appears to be a section of a living room separated by a privacy screen.

In the ad, photos show the tiny space with a view of the city below, and a cot. One wall in the "den" is a regular wall, while another with windows overlooks the city's core: one is an orange privacy screen, and one is a standalone wardrobe. Along with the cot and wardrobe, there is a nightstand with a light.

Photos from outside the makeshift room show it is in a larger space in the two-bedroom apartment, with shared space around it.

Rent for the improvised room is $800 per month.

"Space has its own dresser in room," notes the ad. "And also a door for privacy."

The ad describes the unit as a two-bedroom apartment in a highrise building in Yaletown. In addition, while the bedroom is tiny, it's close to lots of amenities, both inside the building and in downtown Vancouver. 

This is not the first time someone has been creative in creating a rental unit in Vancouver. Last year, someone advertised a $680 "micro studio," which was essentially a bed in a bathroom.