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Photos: Here’s why two futuristic creatures made of junk have appeared in Vancouver’s downtown

They're made out of cars, vacuums, shoes, skis, and hubcaps.

Junko Playtime has returned to Vancouver, and this time his art has cropped up in the city's core.

Two new pieces called Habitat have been installed in front of the Bentall Centre on Burrard Street. Looking like a cross between a dog, a grasshopper, and a Transformer from a Michael Bay film, they're part of the Vancouver Mural Festival's (VMF) Winter Arts Fest happening until Feb. 26.

"Very grateful to have had the opportunity to create two sculptures for the Vancouver @winterartsfest put on by the awesome team at @vanmuralfest," writes Junko on Instagram.

The artist, who remains anonymous, is based in Montreal, but last summer came out to Vancouver to set up Queen BX1000, a massive yellow piece made mostly out of old car parts. It sat in an empty lot near the Sky Bridge for weeks.

He's also set up pieces in other parts of Canada wherever he feels like building them and leaves them for people to discover, sitting in unusual spots for weeks. Habitat won't last as long, and this time there's a patron (VMF).

All his pieces, while looking like something transported from the future, are made out of found items (hence the name 'Junko'). Habitat is no different, with parts coming from cars, vacuums, and other reclaimed items. They even include skis and old shoes.

"The installation is built with objects that have served their intended purpose and have been disregarded as waste," reads a write-up at the installation. "The artist has adapted these objects to serve a new purpose, creating a unique composition amongst already existing structures and depicting forms inspired by the natural world as well as fantasy."

The festival runs until Feb. 26, and the Burrard Centre is playing host to more than the two unusual techno-beast sculptures. There's also a gallery, and the Shoebox Art Gallery is set up daily from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.