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'Quite a show!': Winds turned Vancouver seawall into 'dangerous' splash zone

Watch out!🌬️🌊
Stanley Park seawall
A high tide and strong winds in Vancouver on Sept. 7, 2022, turned the Stanley Park seawall into a splash zone.

Strong winds howled through Vancouver Wednesday evening (Sept. 7), turning coastlines into splash zones. 

The Stanley Park seawall, which was partially destroyed earlier this year due to strong winds and a King Tide, saw a similar sight yesterday. 

Local photographer and weather enthusiast, Brad Atchison, captured footage of stormy waves along the popular route, warning tourists of "a very dangerous situation."

"Why the seawall isn't closed right now I have no idea," Atchison captioned a tweet with a video of waves splashing over the seawall and nearly spraying joggers. "I'm here to Storm Chase. Many tourists are not."


More photos shared by Atchison show the high tide impressively spilling over onto the path. "Thank you Mother Nature for quite a show!" the photographer wrote. 

Another video shared by Atchison compares yesterday's "65kmh wind gusts mixing with a 15.0 High Tide" to the King Tide and 85 km/h winds on January 7.