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Poll: Here's how Vancouverites get around town

How do you get about?
Most people in Vancouver rely on their personal vehicle as their main way around the city.

Nearly half of Vancouver Is Awesome's local readers rely on their own vehicle to get around the city.

Around 48 per cent of locals said they use their own vehicle to get around Vancouver, just about doubling the second place answer: transit.

While personal vehicles were the overwhelming top choice, second and third were a lot closer, with nearly 24 per cent saying they rely on transit, only seven per cent more than walking, with 16 per cent saying they get by on just their feet.

With significant cycling infrastructure in the city, just over 9 per cent of local readers said they bike to get around. The top four answers accounted for the vast majority of answers. Only a small percentage of those responding picked cab/rideshares or car share options, with just over 3 per cent between the two answers.

Vancouver Is Awesome polled 1119 readers and asked the question: How do you get around Vancouver?

The poll ran from 9/7/2022 to 9/15/2022. Of the 1119 votes, we can determine that 669 are from within the community. The full results are as follows:

Walking 15.99 % local, 14.30 % total    
Cycling/Scooter 9.12 % local, 8.49 % total    
Transit 23.92 % local, 23.50 % total    
Your Own Vehicle 47.53 % local, 50.49 % total    
Cab/Rideshare 1.64 % local, 1.52 % total    
Car Share 1.79 % local, 1.70 % total    
  Local   Total

Results are based on an online study of adult Vancouver Is Awesome readers that are located in Vancouver. The margin of error - which measures sample variability - is +/- 2.93%, 19 times out of 20.

Vancouver Is Awesome uses a variety of techniques to capture data, detect and prevent fraudulent votes, detect and prevent robots, and filter out non-local and duplicate votes.