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Grab some tissues: The pollen count is high this week in Vancouver

In Vancouver, if it isn't rain, it's pollen.
pollen forecast
Pollen count is high in Vancouver April 26-28, 2022, according to a pollen forecast report by The Weather Network.

Love may not be in the air, but pollen is, and lots of it.

The pollen forecast for April 26 through April 28 shows a high pollen count, according to a report by The Weather Network, which means that those with allergies can expect a lot of sneezing and eye-watering throughout the next three days.

The pollen forecast is based on the actual number of particles per cubic metre of air, which are counted in real-time using spinning rods covered in silicone grease, and will be between 81 and 200 grains per cubic metre of air over the three days.

But there's still good news! Despite the high pollen forecast, air quality and mold levels remain low risk.