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Porsche for a penthouse: Vancouver realtor lures buyers with cars for condos incentive

Buy a penthouse and get a Porsche a few years
People buying certain condos in the Curv building in Vancouver will be given a Porsche when the sale is complete.

Real estate in Vancouver can be expensive, so some realtors offer deals to get people to buy. 

In recent years, incentives in Metro Vancouver have included wine gift certificates, a year's worth of avocado toast, or having moving costs covered.

Right now in Vancouver, a car is being offered with a condo. And not just any car, but a Porsche GT3, among others.

"Different homes will come with different models as the values of the cars are different," realtor Erin Price Emery tells V.I.A. Emery is the real estate agent behind the campaign looking to sell some of the most expensive condos in downtown Vancouver's headline-grabbing Curv development.

She's holding an event in March to sell condos with the Porsches as an incentive for buyers.

Curv is the structure to be built at 1059-1075 Nelson St., next to the Butterfly (the 57-storey tower currently being built) at Burrard and Nelson. It will be the world's tallest building using Passive House standards and include 358 homes.

And it won't be finished until 2029.

While the competition date is still half a decade away, some homes have already presold. As of October 2023, 100 units had sold for an average of around $2 million. The smallest units are selling for about $1 million, while the penthouse is expected to go for around $60 million.

"The purchaser will have to complete on the condo in order to receive a Porsche," Emery tells V.I.A. 

If someone goes for the penthouse at Emery's event in March, they'll be getting a Porsche GT3 (currently, models are sold for around $185,000). But not right away. The cars will be 2029 models.

Emery notes that while incentives are common in Vancouver, she has only seen ones like this in other countries. The Porsche deal won't last long, either, only running from March 3 to 10, or while quantities last.

The event she's holding has some other perks, as well, with live music, cocktails, and a chance to win a trip to Germany or a Rolex watch.

The event isn't just for Vancouver's Curv, either. There are two buildings in Montreal also involved.

With files from Frank O'Brien and Joannah Connolly