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Prolific shoplifter arrested for brandishing weapon while stealing doughnuts from Vancouver store

He's been convicted nine times since 2017
Police arrested a man who brandished a weapon inside a convenience store and made off with a box of donuts. File photo.

One man was arrested this weekend after threatening a clerk on Sunday while stealing a box of doughnuts.

The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) was alerted to the incident on Nov. 8 after a man walked into a 24-hour convenience store and brandished a weapon at a staff member. He then walked out with a box of doughnuts.

After the man left the clerk called police, as he was fearful for his safety after the incident, according to a rmedia elease from the VPD.

When police arrived they checked the security footage and recognized the suspect. The 30-year-old man has had nine convictions for shoplifting since 2017.

Officers were able to find him a short time later and arrested him for robbery.

"These victims are often young staff members, store managers, and security guards – people just trying to make a living,” says Sgt. Steve Addison in the press release. “They shouldn’t be subjected to violence for simply doing their jobs.”