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Quiz: How well do you remember some of the quirkiest Vancouver stories of 2022?

Take the 2022 V.I.A. year-in-review quiz to see how much of a Vancouverite you really are!
Clockwise from top left: Ian Hanomansing, Denise Summers, a man about to be in pain, a Vancouver school, Ryan Reynolds, a cruise ship leaving Vancouver.

Each year Vancouver Is Awesome endeavours not only to cover the important stories in the city, but also many of the unusual ones.

To see how well you've been paying attention to those stories, we've got some questions for you, all based on articles published about happenings in Vancouver in 2022.

It's a simple quiz. If you choose the right story, you'll be taken to the story. If you're wrong, we'll make sure you know.

Fare thee well.

1. For a short period this summer some in the city were obsessed with a weird fruit/animal figure sold at London Drugs. What was that combo?

A) A dingo-mango called a Dango
B) A duck-banana called a Duckana
C) A bear-raspberry called a Rasp-beary
D) An antelope-cantaloupe called a Cant-elope

2. Vancouver-based news anchor Ian Hanomansing lent a piece of clothing to a groom from Ottawa. What was it?

A) A shoe. Just one.
B) A tie.
C) A nose ring.
D) A pair of boxer briefs.

3. One of Vancouver's favourite sons, Ryan Reynolds, gave a shout-out to his favourite restaurant in the city. What was it?

A) Glowbal
B) Minerva Pizza & Steakhouse
C) The Alibi Room
D) Downlow Chicken Shack

4. When a Vancouver radio station changed formats, it made international headlines for playing a Rage Against the Machine song for more than a day. What was the song?

A) Testify
B) Guerrilla Radio
C) Killing in the Name
D) Wake Up

5. A new feature at Lord Nelson Elementary School was added, exciting students. What was built?

A) Slides from the second floor
B) A fire pole
C) A swimming pool
D) A TikTok recording booth

6. A local tattoo artist duped many online with a viral video. What did he (pretend to) do in the video?

A) Tattoo Hot Dogs on a cross on someone's forehead
B) Tattoo a fish
C) Tattoo Nathan Fillion
D) Tattoo a massive version of Michael Buble's face on someone's back

7. The Michelin Guide arrived in Vancouver for the first time this year. How many restaurants got a coveted star?

A) 1
B) 5
C) 8
D) 10

8. A cruise ship played a song when it left Vancouver this spring. What was the song?

A) Come Sail Away by Styx
B) Kokomo by the Beach Boys
C) The Love Boat theme
D) The Danger Bay theme

9. What piece of iconic Vancouver gear did Will Ferrell wear to the Super Bowl?

A) A 2010 Winter Olympics jacket
B) A Canucks toque
C) Lululemon pants
D) A BC Lions jersey

10. A book was returned very overdue to a South Vancouver library. How many days late was it?

A) 1,111 days
B) 5,550 days
C) 10,910 days
D) 18,675 days

11. Pizza Hut tried something new when delivering pizzas in the West End this September. What was it?

A) Two self-driving delivery robots
B) Surprise mariachi bands delivered pizzas
C) They delivered pizzas from better restaurants
D) They used a catapult to deliver it to balconies and decks

12. Someone stole the Dude Chilling sign again this year. What did a local person replace it with (temporarily)?

A) A wormhole to another dimension
B) A sign made out of veggies and fruits
C) A Lego version of the sign
D) A knit version of the sign

13. What unusual pet might you see getting taken for a walk in Mount Pleasant?

A) Pang the ocelot
B) Ping the penguin
C) Pong the tortoise
D) Harold Cornblower the Mighty the quokka

14. A Vancouver street artist placed his creations around the city to express his grief and to honour those he lost. What did he create?

A) Cement and wire figurines
B) Large blocks in parking spaces
C) Ghostly figures hiding in bushes
D) Augmented reality gravestones

15. A pair of Vancouver goths went viral on TikTok this year. Why?

A) They played at kids birthday parties
B) They went and did un-gothly things around Vancouver
C) They put out an album of Michael Buble covers
D) They're going Christmas carolling in Kitsilano

16. Some men chose to put themselves through a painful experience at Granville Island this year. What did they do?

A) Lee's had a 'Get punched, get a free donut' deal
B) There was a 'Are you faster than shark jaws?' contest
C) There was a live jellyfish tasting
D) They used a period cramp simulator

17. The Residential Tenancy Branch has to deal with complaints from landlords. What loud noise was one landlord upset about?

A) Banjos
B) Raccoons
C) Sex
D) Knife throwing

18. Twin sisters turned their fan-fiction into a full-length novel. What was their fan-fiction about?

A) It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
B) Sherlock
C) Vampire Diaries
D) Live with Kelly and Ryan

Congrats, you made it to the end!

How'd you do?

00-04 — You still get Vancouver, B.C., and Vancouver, Washington, mixed up.
05-09 — You might think Vancouver Island is somewhere near Granville Island.
10-13  — You're a fan of the Canucks but wouldn't recognize Elias Petersson in the street.
13-16  — You have thoughts on where the best fried chicken in Vancouver is you must share.
17-18  — You hang out with Indie Queens and tatted East Van punks.