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Richmond Chinese medicine store closed for rodent infestation

Lansdowne Centre’s Nam Bak Trading Co Ltd, or Nam Bak Hong, was shut down after a health inspection

A Richmond Chinese herbs and medicine retailer has been temporarily shut down after health inspectors found rodent activity.

Nam Bak Hong in Lansdowne Centre was slapped with a closure order by Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) on Friday, Aug. 18, after a routine inspection revealed four critical infractions.

According to the inspection report, the shop was also not maintained in a sanitary condition and food was not protected from contamination during transportation, display, storage or preparation.

A sign seen outside the retailer on Tuesday states the shop is closed for "internal cleaning."

A closure order from VCH is also on display, which includes instructions for the shop to "discard all food infested by rodents or/and with their droppings."

The shop is also asked to remove rodent droppings and sanitize the premises, put pest control measures in place and store food in pest proof containers.

No critical infractions were recorded in previous routine inspections of the shop in 2019, 2017 and 2016.