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Update: Rogue barge runs aground on Vancouver beach during massive windstorm (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

The "runaway barge" is dangerously close to the seawall

A rogue barge has been beached just offshore near Vancouver's West End.

The massive floating structure is currently floating but stuck on rocks just off the seawall at Sunset Beach where winds deposited it after it came unmoored further offshore.

The Canadian Coast Guard is aware of the situation and monitoring it. No one is aboard the barge, they add, and there are no risks of pollution.

"The barge owner has been contacted and they are planning to retrieve it at the first available opportunity," states the federal agency in an email to Vancouver Is Awesome. "The owner of the barge is responsible for securing, salvaging and arranging a tow for their barge."

Coast Guard crews are on the scene to make sure things remain safe.

Vancouver's port authority is aware as well, but is deferring to the Coast Guard as the lead agency.

"Our role is to ensure the safe navigation of vessels throughout the Port of Vancouver and as such, we are monitoring the situation as it evolves to ensure the barge does not pose a hazard to marine navigation," states a spokesperson.

High tide is expected at 3 p.m. in False Creek today, Nov. 15.

The unusual sight has become popular on social media. Some caught it as it floated toward the city, while others have taken video and photos of it in its current position.







-- This story was updated with comments from the Canadian Coast Guard.