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RRRRAAARRRRWHHHGWWWR: Did this Chewbacca poster in Vancouver catch your eye?

Calling this number is a Wookie mistake.
Screenshot 2021-09-20 144425
Chewbacca roaring contest poster may lead to an uncomfortable conversation.


That may or may not be a greeting in Shyriiwook, the language of the Wookiee. Or it might be an insult. We don't have any Wookies in our place of work (AKA the hive of scum and villainy known as the Vancouver Is Awesome office) to check with and it's not a real language.

But it is a real quote off a poster advertising a contest.

And like any good moisture farmer, we're ready to gargle scream into a phone. We'd suggest you do, (or do not) but try as you might you won't win. We'll tell you the odds that someone will win; they're zero.

This isn't the contest you're looking for, because that's no contest, it's a prank.

The poster suggests 'Roaring when you hear someone answer.' And, if you do, you'll cut off the poor unfortunate soul on the other end as they greet you with curiosity and innocence (depending on how many have gone before you). We hope that person can let go of their hate.

It also suggests leaving a voicemail. How droll.

Oh well, as all good Star Wars fans say:


Oops, sorry, dropped an apple on the keyboard, that was supposed to be:

"Live long and prosper."