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Ryan Reynolds surprises 9-year-old B.C. boy with birthday message (VIDEO)

The family had recently moved, and the young boy was worried he wouldn't have anyone with him to celebrate his birthday.
Photo: bcww.t / TikTok

Ryan Reynolds just made a young boy's birthday dreams come true in a special birthday video message. 

Last month, Damien Smith's parents, Tiffanie Trudell and Thomas Smith, asked people on social media to send cards and warm wishes for their son's birthday. The family had recently moved, and the eight-year-old was worried he wouldn't have anyone with him to celebrate.

Not only did the Deadpool star reach out with a warm video, but hundreds of people wrote messages, sent cards, and even drove past the family's home in celebration of the B.C. boy's birthday. 

Thomas Smith shares the Reynolds video on TikTik, and the caption reads, "Ryan Reynolds is a true Saint. Thank you for making my son's birthday wish come true. Blow this up for Damien. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY BOY!!!!"

At the time of this writing, the video has nearly 150,000 likes.   

The grateful father adds: "Thank you, Ryan. My son will never forget. And thank you [to] everyone who sent cards or messages we are so grateful."

In the video, Reynolds tells the young boy that "I think the reason people have grabbed onto you and this story is because they can relate to it." He adds that he also went to a new school as a child and that he knows how alienating that experience can feel. 

The funnyman remarks that Damien is not alone, even if it feels that way; he also hopes to meet Damien one day.

At the end of the video, Damien, who appears overwhelmed with emotion, runs into his mother's arms. 


Reply to @steve.513__ here's the original version. to all the kids out there struggling you're not alone. thank you Ryan again!

♬ original sound - T

"We did it!"

The family received a massive amount of mail in a matter of days after their initial post.

In a Facebook post, Thomas Smith wrote. "We did it! And it only took less than a day! Incredible. [The] wife burst out in tears. Damien was worried lol.... we told him it's because we won a family vacation that we can't take because she's pregnant...I think he bought it."

Damien's parents also shared a video of Damien discovering all of the gifts and cards from people around the globe.

A number of cars and bikers also drove past the family's home and showed their support for the young boy. 


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