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Safety alert: Old Spice and Secret antiperspirants recalled due to benzene

Exposure to benzene can result in cancers including leukemia and blood cancer of the bone marrow and blood disorders which can be life-threatening.

A Canada-wide recall has been issued for Old Spice and Secret aerosol spray antiperspirant products due to the presence of benzene detected. 

The U.S.-based Procter & Gamble Company issued a voluntary recall on Thursday (Nov. 25) of all lots of specific Old Spice and Secret aerosol spray antiperspirant products sold in Canada due to the presence of benzene detected, explains a press release. 

The affected products are packaged in aerosol cans and were distributed nationwide through retail outlets and online. Retailers have been notified to remove the affected products, and Old Spice and Secret will offer reimbursement to customers who purchased them.

The company notes, "All other Old Spice and Secret products are not impacted by this issue and may continue to be used as intended. This represents the vast majority of our products, including body spray products, solid sticks, soft solids and gel antiperspirants and deodorant products."

To date, The Procter & Gamble Company has not received any reports of adverse events related to this recall and is conducting this recall out of an abundance of caution.

What risk does benzene cause? 

Benzene is classified as a human carcinogen.

Exposure to benzene can occur by inhalation, orally, and through the skin and it can result in cancers including leukemia and blood cancer of the bone marrow and blood disorders which can be life-threatening.

Based on exposure modelling and the cancer risk assessments published by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (IRIS database), daily exposure to benzene in the recalled products at the levels detected in our testing would not be expected to cause adverse health consequences.

What you should do

Immediately stop using and appropriately discard the affected aerosol spray products.

Consumers with questions regarding this recall can seek more information via P&G's Consumer Care team at 888-339-7689. Consumers can also visit Old Spice online or Secret online for more information about the impacted products and to learn how to receive reimbursement for eligible products.

Contact your doctor if you have experienced any problems that may be related to using these products.

Adverse reactions or quality problems experienced with the use of this product may be reported to Health Canada online or by regular mail.

  • Complete and submit the report online
  • Regular Mail: Complete the form online, under the Submit Options section, select “Print and submit by post” and mail to the address provided. For any questions, call 1-866-662-0666.