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Save Old Growth protesters charged after attempted Ironworkers bridge blockade

Five people were arrested and four cars were seized at the scene of Monday's protest
Save Old Growth
Save Old Growth protestors have blocked the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge several times (this photo is April 4) in efforts to pressure the government to immediately stop old-growth logging in B.C.

Following Monday, June 13's protest by the Save Old Growth group that blockaded the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge (a simultaneous protest also blocked off the Massey Tunnel) three alleged protesters have been criminally charged.

Kathleen Higgins, 28, William Winder, 69, and Deborah Tin Tun, 37, were arrested by Vancouver Police Department officers during the morning rush hour after allegedly driving a car onto the bridge deck and attempting to lock themselves to the steering wheel.

They have all been charged with mischief but were released from custody after a court hearing in which they agreed not to deliberately block or impede traffic on any roadway in B.C.

VPD also seized three other unoccupied vehicles that they believe had been strategically placed by protesters to block traffic. According to a recent VPD press release, "two additional protesters were also arrested during the attempted blockade and are due back in court at a later date to face charges."

This is not the first time that Save Old Growth has blocked the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge.