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Single-space parking meters to be replaced across Vancouver

There are 11,000 metered spots in Vancouver.
Parking meters like this one may be a memory soon in Vancouver.

Single-space parking meters will soon be a thing of the past for the City of Vancouver.

The meters, which sit beside thousands of street parking spots, are due to be replaced by multi-space parking pay stations. The city manages over 11,000 parking spots; they're looking to buy new parking meter equipment for more than 8,000 on-street parking spaces over the next three or four years.

"The City is currently in the process of transforming the majority of its legacy single-space parking meters to connected multi-space parking meter equipment (pay stations) to address issues related to maintenance, repair, limited payment options, and lack of communication ability," states a city report.

The city's preference is for the new parking meters to work on a pay-by-plate system.

A bidding process was opened up in September for the project; a report recommending a contract with Precise ParkLink Inc. is before the Standing Committee on City Finances and Services today.

"The procurement will include connected parking meter equipment to provide parking payment security, a variety of parking payment options for users, and parking technology that will enable the City to address demand-based pricing, occupancy, and compliance," states the report from city administration.

The recommended contract is for five years for $10 million with four possible extensions of one year.