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Six wanted, 38 charges laid in drug trafficking investigation related to Brothers Keepers

Seven people have been charged in a multi-year investigation of a drug line in the Lower Mainland.
Police lights flash in the rain.

Seven people have been charged in a multi-year investigation of a drug line in the Lower Mainland.

The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of BC (CFSEU-BC) started the investigation in 2018, looking into a drug line that allegedly had connections to the Brothers Keeper gang, which has been active in Metro Vancouver area for years.

The drug line was being used to allegedly expand the influence of the gang in Mission and Abbotsford.

"In late 2018, CFSEU-BC worked with the Mission RCMP Drug Section and the Abbotsford Police Department in response to intelligence on an alleged drug line," states the CFSEU-BC in a press release.

They note the fight to control the territory had become a priority for police as violence spiked.

"Over the course of several months of coordinated inter-agency work, investigators were able to gather evidence on the drug line and those associated with it," they state in the release.

A house on the 6400 block of Riverside Street in Abbotsford was searched as part of the investigation. During the course of the investigation police found a variety of drugs, including 540 grams of mixtures using fentanyl (or related substances), different types of cocaine, methamphetamine, and MDMA. Several kilograms of cutting agent were also seized.

Charges related to drug trafficking have been laid against 28-year-old male Gregory Joseph Greenlay, 41-year-old female Meredith Christine Kitchen, 39-year-old male Brandon Lyle Osberg, 50-year-old male Terry William Slater, 46-year-old male Jason Roger Bryant, and 25-year-old male Sahel Sandhu. All six are still at large with warrants out for their arrest. Police haven't released photos or descriptions of them at this time.

A seventh person, Gurjap Bhullar (37), was arrested earlier this month on similar charges.

"CFSEU-BC and our policing partners in the province have, and will continue to, aggressively target groups like the Brothers Keepers and those who associate with them in order to secure the evidence needed to bring them before the Courts," says CFSEU-BC Superintendent Duncan Pound. "The disregard for public safety demonstrated by organized criminal groups trafficking potentially deadly opioids and using violence to intimidate rivals and the public will continue to be the focus for CFSEU-BC and our partners."

The CFSEU-BC expect more charges related to the Brothers Keepers in the coming months.