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Sizzlin' hot: It is going to be hotter than Miami in Vancouver this weekend

Temperatures will feel like 43 degrees on Sunday.
On June 23, 2021, the Vancouver weather forecast calls for sizzling daily highs through the weekend that will be hotter than those in Miami, Florida. Photo: Miami Beach, wonderful aerial view of buildings, river and vegetation/ Shutterstock and English bay / Getty Images

Have you been enjoying the heatwave in Vancouver?

Some Vancouverites can't get enough of the heat, while others can't stop complaining about it. But one thing is for certain: the city doesn't typically see a great deal of decidedly hot weather. 

People on social media have expressed how there's almost an annual week of complaining about toasty temperatures in Vancouver; stretches of truly sizzling daily highs complete with sweltering humidity are few and far between in the summertime. 

This week is one of those rare hot weather weeks. The Vancouver weather forecast calls for some scorching highs all week. However, the weekend will see temperatures soar into the mid-30s, reaching a peak of 35°C on Sunday and Monday nights. That said, those sizzling highs will feel even hotter with humidity. The Weather Network calls for a high of 35°C that will feel more like 43°C on both days — whew!

Not only are those temperatures unseasonably toasty for Vancouver, but they are also hotter than places south of the border will see this week. For example, Floridian travel hotspot Miami will see stormy but hot weather all week. However, daily highs are expected to remain steady at 31°C through the weekend and into next week. With humidity, temperatures will feel closer to the mid-30s. 

Have a look at Miami's seven-day forecast. 

miami-weather-forecast.jpgPhoto via The Weather Network

Have a look at Vancouver's seven-day forecast.


vancouver-wether-network-june-2021.jpgPhoto via The Weather Network

Environment Canada releases full summer 2021 forecast for Vancouver

While it's difficult to know how much rain Metro Vancouver will see this summer, Canada's national weather forecaster says the region will likely see above-average temperatures. 

Environment Canada Meteorologist Bobby Sekhon told Vancouver Is Awesome that the 2021 summer forecast looks warmer than average