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Parked SkyTrain cars completely covered in spray-painted graffiti (PHOTO)

"We have not come across an incident where SkyTrain cars have been spray-painted to this extent in a long time," said police.
A SkyTrain covered in tagging sits at the Lafarge Lake-Douglas Station. Photo: 33AAFF via Imgur/Reddit

A SkyTrain vehicle was vandalized over the weekend, and multiple train cars were tagged with spray paint.

The SkyTrain, which had likely been in use on the Millennium Line and is seen in an image posted to Reddit at the platform of the Lafarge Lake-Douglas Station in Coquitlam, was tagged by vandals while stored on a track overnight after Saturday service, a TransLink spokesperson confirmed to Vancouver Is Awesome via email.

TransLink, however, declined to identify the exact location of the tracks.

"This section of track is on an elevated guideway behind a security fence. Security breaches of this nature are very rare given the section of track is not easy to access," added TransLink.

TransLink said the train has been pulled from service and the incident has been reported to Metro Vancouver Transit Police.

Metro Vancouver Transit Police also did not provide location information for the reported incident, however Cst. Mike Yake told V.I.A. in an email that they believe the incident took place on the evening of Sept. 26. 

However, Yake could not provide any details about who may have been behind the tagging, how they came to access the train, or whether there is any security footage.

"The investigation is still in the early stages, and our investigators will be working to identify a suspect or suspects," said Yake.

While SkyTrain cars have been the target of vandals in the past, Yake says the Transit Police "have not come across an incident where SkyTrain cars have been spray-painted to this extent in a long time."

Now it's on TransLink to remove the spray paint to get the train back in working order, which could prove costly. 

"We are in the process of determining how much it will cost to clean the graffiti," said TransLink.