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SkyTrain police chase uncovers stolen bike, drug trafficking evidence

And the bike went back to its rightful owner.
A transit police SkyTrain chase helped recover a stolen e-bike and uncovered evidence of street level drug trafficking.

A transit police chase helped reunite one local with their bike. 

Metro Vancouver Transit Police (MVTP) spokesperson Amanda Steed tells V.I.A. that a SkyTrain Supervisor recognized a stolen e-bike as someone was carrying it into the Main Street SkyTrain station Tuesday (Feb. 21) afternoon. 

"The suspect was followed onto the train and arrested after he exited the station at Granville," says Steed. 

A tweet by MVTP describes the encounter that ensued. "Transit Police officers intercept the man. He takes off running. Not fast enough. Arrested and evidence of drug trafficking seized. Bike returned to owner," the tweet says. 

The suspect was arrested and found carrying items police say are consistent with street-level drug trafficking such as cellphones, an electronic scale, packaging wrappers, multiple bags of suspected drugs, and a large amount of cash.

"Charges are being recommended for possession of stolen property, possession for the purpose of trafficking and flight from police," says the MVTP spokesperson. 

Steed adds that the bike was easily restored because the owner had included its serial number when filing the police report. 

"The owner was very grateful to have their bike returned to them," she says.