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Clear your ice and snow, urges major waste collection company in Metro Vancouver

“No one wants overflowing containers, especially over the holidays."

Waste Management (WM) is responsible for collecting garbage and recycling from local businesses and properties in B.C. and the icy conditions in the Lower Mainland are preventing them from doing so consistently.

The organization is asking business owners and property managers to ensure their pathways are cleared of ice and snow so that WM trucks can access the refuse containers.

Dumpster lids and recycling bins also need to have the piled-up snow removed and checked that they're not frozen shut.

“No one wants overflowing containers, especially over the holidays,” says WM Operations Director Matt Paden in a recent press release. “Unfortunately, snow and ice can make it impossible for WM drivers to provide service. To ensure regular collection, we are asking businesses and property managers to keep areas clear and safe.”

WM is responsible for the collection of recycling, food scraps and garbage for 4.5 million residential customers and 170,000 industrial and commercial customers across nine provinces and needs our help to do so reliably.