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There are free things hidden all over Vancouver thanks to this social media trend

Tickets to concerts and baseball games are being hidden around Vancouver.
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People are leaving free things around Vancouver as part of a social media scavenger hunt trend.

Yesterday, lead singer of the Arkells Max Kerman posted a video on Instagram and TikTok of him hiding tickets all over Vancouver to their October 25 concert at Rogers Arena. 

Kerman hid tickets in five different iconic Vancouver landmarks like the Downtown Library, the Mega Slice on Granville Street, the Aquilini Centre, Pacific Central Station, and Kingsgate Mall.

The spontaneous act of kindness and generosity is one of many thanks to the trend of social media scavenger hunts where people will film themselves leaving free things around the city for others to find.

Some people are leaving cash ranging from a $20 bill to $200. Stores like Adrenaline are leaving gift cards in random places and one couple in a Porsche left a silver box with two weekend passes to the Ambleside music festival at a mystery location with some clues as to where to find it.

Our very own Bob Kronbauer has been getting in on the act for a while now hiding tickets to Vancouver Canadians baseball games around town.

The Instagram account @iamthirtyaf which has over 2 million followers has also hidden something in Vancouver last February. The account left a prize pack of things Millenials would want near the Olympic torch.

Jay McKinney, also known as Taco Tycoon on Instagram and TikTok, made a name for himself duct-taping gift cards to random telephone poles, picnic benches, and other unexpected places all over Metro Vancouver. He has also travelled around the province and the rest of Canada doing the same thing and hopes to one day partner with businesses and take his surprise acts of kindness global.

The trend is one that's hard to distinguish from generosity and clout chasing, a lot of the time it depends on the intention. It is however one of the more positive and fun trends to come out of social media at large so perhaps it's best not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

At the time of publishing this word is that the Arkells' tickets have been scooped up from three of the five locations.


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