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Someone made a 3D print of the English Bay Barge and here’s how you can too (PHOTOS)

The print files can be downloaded for free!

Can’t get enough of the English Bay Barge? Wish you could hold it in the palm of your hand or have it stuck on your desk instead of Sunset Beach? A local 3D print designer might have just the solution for you.
The designer, who goes by Calvin, according to their Thingiverse handle, recently posted photos of their printed barge next to the real thing on social media. Calvin commented later they are still looking for information on the barge’s exact model for better measurements. 

“I had to approximate the dimensions from pictures since I couldn't find a design blueprint or really anything about the barge besides the name of the owner,” they wrote after the initial post.
Calvin also included a link to the 3D print files on Thingiverse. From there the files can be downloaded for free and so long as you have access to a 3D printer, you can make all the English Bay Barges that time and filament allow.