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Spring weather in Vancouver forecast, but snow flurries still possible

Prepare for all sorts of precipitation.
It's going to feel like spring most of the time this week in Vancouver, but flurries might pop up one night.

While most of the week will feel spring-like, flurries remain in Vancouver's forecast a couple of times.

The city is in that awkward period of shoulder season where meteorologically it's spring, but it's still winter according to calendars.

In fact, Environment Canada's forecast for the upcoming week notes flurries might show up Monday, March 6. While the high is expected to hit 7 C, the day will be a mix, with sun, showers, and snow flurries all possible in the morning.

However, the chance of flurries will decrease throughout the day. By the evening, showers are predicted, while temperatures drop to 3 C.

Tuesday, March 7, will be the reverse, with a high of 6 C and a mix of sun and showers throughout the day. But in the evening, things will get chilly, dropping as low as 0 C. This means the showers may turn to flurries again overnight, according to Environment Canada.

And once the precipitation moves in Tuesday night, it's not leaving.

On Wednesday it'll be warmer, getting as high as 8 C even though showers are likely throughout the day. However, it'll drop all the way to 1 C at night, and again that could mean the showers will change to localized flurries at times.

This might be the last time this season, sinceThursday Environment Canada forecasts the showers to continue throughout the day. However, with a high of 8 C and low of 2 C, no flurries are expected.

And the warming trend will continue into the weekend, with Friday hitting a high of 9 C with a low of 3 C, and then Saturday expected to reach 10 C. However, it'll be damp and grey the whole time, with a 60 per cent chance of showers straight through the end of the week.

The forecast for Vancouver from March 6 to March 10. Environment Canada