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We can’t stop looking at this Vancouver high-rise rendering for all the wrong reasons

Hopefully the artist is "feline" ok...

You know what's an odd thing to see in a proposed building rendering?

16 identical cats standing at the front entrance.

But that's the bizarre case for this rendering of a proposed residential development in suburban Vancouver which has been submitted to the city.

Renderings are made to give an idea of how a structure will fit in with the area. The people who create them often add details to make them more natural and friendly, with things like trees, cars, and people doing everyday things. It creates a sense of how the building will interact with the real world.

You'll see people sitting out front at a cafe, cyclists passing by or a couple cars parked nearby.

You never see groups of animals lounging around (in renderings).

In the very odd reality, this rendering comes from, 16 cats have gathered at the entrance, just chilling with a single person standing out front, who seems shockingly ok with the aggressive number of felines sitting around. While the cats are mostly sitting around, it does appear a group on the right are holding an informal meeting.

Look at them all!!!. Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership



While the cats are by far the most unusual Easter Egg in the rendering, there are a few other strange spots too. Notably, there's a group of identical women jogging down one side of the building. While duplicating 3D models isn't unheard of, it's unusual in renderings, and to herd them together is a perplexing decision.

An additional oddity, though not totally out of the realm of normal renderings, is the child a couple stories up, just standing there with balloons. And while in a normal rendering he wouldn't seem out of place, the guy jogging at the bottom really is starting to look like he got away with something.

The rendering is a 3D model and 2D images are created of the scene, like a drone flying around a tower and taking photos all a the same moment. That means the cats, women and child show up across the images and proposal, not just a single spot.

It appears there are at least five, though there could be a sixth up front. Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership