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'Supernatural' cast and crew bid farewell to Vancouver on last day of filming

After 15 seasons, Thursday was the final day on the Vancouver set of the show
Photo: Susan Gittins

After 15 seasons of demon-fighting, Thursday marked the final day of filming for the cast and crew on the set of "Supernatural."

Actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, brothers on screen, returned to Vancouver in August after COVID-19 put a halt on production in March.

By that time, there were only two episodes left to shoot.

On the last day of filming, Sept. 10, series creator Eric Kripke took to Twitter to post the first scene ever shot for "Supernatural." Above it, he captioned: “This will be the last.”

Others, including cast members, writers, producers, and fans have followed suit using the hashtag #ThankYouSupernatural and #SPNFamily to express what the show has meant to them.

James (Jim) Beaver, who plays a father-figure to the brothers on the show, said acting as Bobby Singer for the past 15 years has become home.

“So it’s here. Last day of principal photography on 'Supernatural,' my home for 15 years,” Beaver said. “Getting ready to go to work on it for the final time. Deep feelings. Very deep.”

Producer of the show, Jim Michaels, shared a sad face to commemorate the day.

Padalecki thanked "Supernatural" fans for the outpouring of support the cast and crew received via social media.

He said of Vancouver: "This city and these people have been good to me. And I am forever grateful." 

Fellow actor, Richard Speight, Jr., recounted the transformative his life has undergone since taking on the role of Gabriel in the show.

While the 15th season of the show returns to CW Television Network sometime in October, the final episodes – ones filmed in Vancouver this past week – will air in December.