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'The past 6 years have been a marathon': Popular Metro Vancouver Italian restaurant closing after pivot, 'opportunity' offered

"I owe it to myself and my family to put this dream to bed and move on with my life"
Allora is shutting down operations in White Rock as of Feb. 23. The Italian restaurant, which has been around since 2022, was the second at the location from Chef Josiah Ta; two years ago he pivoted Barrique into Allora.

 After two years, White Rock's Allora is shutting down, permanently.

The Metro Vancouver Italian restaurant has spent two years at 15223 Pacific Ave., offering itself up as a place for date nights, homemade pasta and fine wines. However, almost exactly two years to the day, Allora's final day of service is coming up on Feb. 23.

"Trust me when I tell you, this decision did not come easily," writes owner and head chef Josiah Tam. "Recently I was presented with an opportunity to hand over the space to a different business owner and, given the timing and weighing of pros and cons, it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass by."

Allora wasn't Tam's first restaurant in that space. While it opened up in 2022, it was actually the result of Tam pivoting from Barrique, which offered a similar menu and experience. In a note Tam posted Feb. 14, 2022, he calls the rebranding to Allora as "one final pivot" that was necessary as too many saw Barrique as a special occasion spot which was flattering but not sustainable.

Now, two years later and at a crossroads (he's turning 35 this year and has a young family) he says the opportunity to move on is one he couldn't pass up.

"I’m not going to lie, the past 6 years have been a marathon and the past 4 with COVID and the aftermath of it have really taken a toll," he writes.

While he's sad in some ways to be moving on, Tam adds that he's also excited to spend time with his family and future possibilities.

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