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The ultimate guide to Vancouver birthday freebies

Treat yourself!
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Here's the ultimate list of birthday freebies in Vancouver 2022, including free food, dessert, makeup, skincare and discounts for your special day.

Happy (early or belated) birthday! 

Whatever you may be planning for your special, fun day, there's nothing wrong with getting spoiled, especially with free treats and goodies all day long. 

Maybe you've been planning a birthday freebie day trip since spying the idea on TikTok, or you simply want to splurge without hurting the bank. Whichever case, we've put together the ultimate list of birthday freebies you can find around Vancouver. 

So queue up the birthday playlist essentials (ahem, "In Da Club" by 50 Cent) and take on the ultimate birthday freebie scavenger hunt.


Things you can get for free, no sign-up required

  • Free donut at Cartem's. Just be prepared to show your ID.
  • Free Grand Slam breakfast at Denny's. An ID is also needed.
  • Kelly and Carlos O'Bryan's will give you a free birthday meal if you: come in on the day of your birthday with at least one friend, can spell your name correctly, and can prove it's your birthday (bring an ID).
  • Get a free dessert with your meal at: The Keg, Milestones, Joey Restaurants, Chamber Restaurant
  • Try out an escape room for free. Exit Canada gives the birthday player free admission on their special day. 


Things for which you need apps, membership and other sign-ups