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Thieves allegedly steal 47 pairs of pants worth $5,783 from Vancouver store: VPD

One suspect is a 'chronic shoplifter' while the other was already barred by court order from entering the store
Vancouver Police say two thieves allegedly stole nearly 50 pairs of pants from a clothing store on Robson Street over the weekend on Friday, November 5, 2021.

Vancouver Police say two thieves stole nearly 50 pairs of pants from a clothing store on Robson Street over the weekend. 

On Friday (Nov. 5) afternoon, a man and woman wearing face masks entered a clothing store on the popular shopping street, explains a news release. They allegedly stole a whopping 47 pairs of pants worth a retail value of $5,783. 

A staff member promptly called 911 and cautiously followed the suspects until VPD officers arrived and arrested the pair. 

The man, described as a 44-year-old "chronic shoplifter," was breaching five court orders for previous thefts. The woman was violating a court order that prohibited her from entering the store.

Both individuals were taken to jail, and VPD officers returned the stolen merchandise.

Over the weekend, the VPD says 32 people were arrested and the department recovered nearly $18,000 in stolen property.

“Store owners and their staff are losing thousands of dollars every day to shoplifters. After a number of violent encounters, many are telling us they don’t feel safe coming to work,” says Sgt. Steve Addison. “That’s why the VPD has stepped up shoplifting enforcement.”

Vancouver Police say they've seen "a surge in people using violence while stealing from stores." Particularly, cases involving weapons – things like knives, needles and bear spray – have shot up 550 per cent since 2019. Commercial robberies have gone up 126 per cent during that same time.

“These victims are often young staff members, store managers, and security guards – people just trying to make a living,” adds Sgt. Addison. “They shouldn’t be subjected to violence for simply doing their jobs.”