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This boring machine is about to do something really exciting for Vancouver transit (VIDEO)

This may look like a big boring thing, because it is. But many are excited to see it.
The machine will be headed to Vancouver in the late spring.

This machine is boring.

Well, not quite yet. Soon it'll be boring. Right now it's just sitting around, slowly getting brought over to Vancouver. It won't do much for at least a couple months.

Then, once it gets here, it'll be boring—boring right through Vancouver.

It's one of the two boring machines set to bore a tunnel right under Broadway.

Herrenknecht, the German company that makes boring things finished up with the pair of huge cylindrical machines that'll bore through the earth under Vancouver to create the tunnel for the new Broadway Subway running from Clark Drive to Arbutus Street.

The machines are expected to arrive in Vancouver later this spring says Acciona in a social media post; Accocia and Ghella are the two companies behind the construction of the project.

Bowinn Ma, the province's minister of infrastructure, also tweeted photos of the machines, noting they've passed their tests.

The $2.83 billion project is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Canada (number 27) right now and is expected to finish in 2025.

The machines are similar to the one in this clip, which Herrenknecht used to tunnel underneath the Swiss city of Basel in 2017.


This video shows how the machines working, moving forward a bit like an inchworm.

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