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This is the reason crows are looking ruffled and patchy lately

It's completely normal according to the BC SPCA.
moulting crow
If you've noticed crows looking ruffled and patchy it's because they're moulting, according to the BC SPCA.

You may have noticed crows looking a little dishevelled as summer turns to fall, but the lack of feathers isn't because of the heat.

In fact, the ruffled, patchy feathers are normal.

"They're moulting!" says BC SPCA. "Feathers don't last forever, and post-nesting season is a good, low-energy time for crows to start their annual moult."

Moulting refers to the an animal's shedding of old feathers, hair, skin, or shell to make way for new growth. This process is what gives crows their lackluster look. 

"At this point, the feathers lose their usual glossiness, and start to look dull and even brown/grey in colour. Over the next few weeks, they'll be working on growing out a new and shiny feather coat. It might make them look a little scruffy for now, but it's completely normal," BC SPCA reassured. 

If you're ever concerned about a bird or animal's safety, you can reach BC SPCA's animal helpline at 1-855-622-7722.