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This map app lets you see how different landmarks might fit into Vancouver

Have fun killing some time with this, map nerds

Ever wanted to see how big Granville Island is next to Paris's Île Saint-Louis?

Or see BC Place next to London's Wembley Stadium?

Or compare Burnaby's Central Park to New York's Central Park?

Enter Scale-a-tron.

A data visualization company has created a free interactive map where you can cut out a building or landmark and place anywhere else in the world, with the proper scale.

We decided Vancouver deserved West Edmonton Mall, and dropped into Vancouver's most iconic location, Stanley Park (no, we're not suggesting it be done, it's to present to concept in a clear way; stay calm).

We also dropped it next to Granville Island (West Edmonton wins on size and availability of parking, Granville Island takes pretty much every other category), Metrotown (again look at all the extra parking West Edmonton has) and Tsawwassen Mills (ok, finally somewhere that can challenge on the parking).

It doesn't have to be malls though. Might we suggest dropping Versailles into West Vancouver? Or Beijing's Forbidden City into Chinatown? Or maybe your own home into the Hollywood Hills?