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This Metro Vancouver community flourished 100 years ago, now it's a ghost town that needs saving (VIDEO)

A once-bustling part of Port Moody now lies dormant and locals are working to preserve its history. 🏚️

It flourished for several decades but Port Moody's tiny town of Ioco now lies dormant. However, a dedicated group of locals is trying to preserve the community's legacy.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Ioco (the abbreviated form of Imperial Oil Company), which enjoyed a prosperous period in the 1920s when big oil was booming. At its peak, the area contained 83 homes, two churches, a community hall, lawn bowling green, baseball diamond, tennis courts, and a popular grocery store/cafeteria.

After years of growth, Ioco slowly began dismantling following the Second World War. The last active remnants finally vanished in the mid-'90s.

According to the Port Moody Heritage Society's Jim Millar, cooperation with developers must be maintained to refurbish, preserve, and ultimately save the historic community. 

Gilic Developments and Imperial Oil Limited currently own the 232-acre sprawl, where the old 23-acre townsite is located. The issue of heritage preservation will once again be brought to Port Moody city council in the coming weeks.