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This Vancouver photographer beautifully documents the city’s abandoned mattresses (PHOTOS)

Over 400 people follow @mattressesofvancouver to learn the final resting places of the city's resting places

An incredibly specific Instagram account has taken on the task of tastefully documenting the resting places of the city’s least desired resting places. 

Kenny Slater runs @mattressesofvancouver which, as the name suggests, dutifully shows the mattresses that have been dumped on street corners, front lawns and sometimes even rooftops across the city. Over 400 people follow the account for Slater’s daily posts.

Two and a half years ago Slater created the account after being inspired by the simple randomness of the concept: an Instagram account completely dedicated to… mattresses. Since then Slater suspects he has featured well over 500 mattresses on the page. 

In college, Slater took a photography course which helped him take the initial pictures for the account but these days new photos are mostly submitted by followers. Over the years Slater has found there are certain neighbourhoods like East Vancouver that are better for finding new content.  

"Initially, I didn't think I was making a statement,” Slater said in a recent interview with Vancouver Is Awesome. “But I mean, I think it's pretty evident. The amount of like, flytipping or dumping around the city is a bit of a concern.”

While the problem of mattress dumping is well documented by Slater’s channel, the City of Vancouver does have solutions in place. Not only is dumping old mattresses illegal, but it's also free to dispose of them at a transfer location or landfill. 

For more information on how to dispose of your mattress or report one that has been ditched, check out the City of Vancouver’s website.