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This Vancouver window cleaner shares jaw-dropping snaps from high-rise buildings (PHOTOS)

They also mention a few unmentionables they can see through the windows: "I can see your sex toys laid out drying on the bed."

Would you dare to dangle several stories high off the side of a statuesque building?

While you might feel compelled to give the Edgewalk a try around the CN Tower in Toronto, gathering the courage to hang outside of high-rise buildings and clean windows takes significant courage. 

But one Vancouverite relishes the stunning panoramic views provided from the sky-high profession. 

A local window cleaner took to Reddit to share some "cool shots" from a building they were cleaning. 

"I just "hang around" all-day singing Tragically Hip or Dean Martin and enjoy the awesome views of this beautiful city!" writes Redditor Mystery_bro1812.

They add that they do work rope-access window cleaning of residential towers downtown. 

the-view-from-the-edge-of-vancouverPhoto via Mystery_bro1812 / Reddit Vancouver

"It is quite scary sometimes!"

At the time of this writing, the post has been up-voted a whopping 394 times, with several people commenting that they wouldn't be able to do the work.

Someone writes, "I would sh*t my pants up there." In response, the window cleaner mentions that "It is quite scary sometimes! But really fun and I enjoy my work a lot!"

In regard to birds, they add that "The seagulls nesting season is the only time I really get bothered by birds." 

Their favourite song to sing while they work?

"Wheat Kings" by The Tragically Hip. "I'm always singing that one whenever it comes on."

Recently, the same window-washing Redditor advised Vancouverties to put away items they might not want strangers to see. 

"I can see your sex toys laid out drying on the bed and your horribly messy apartment that you haven't cleaned up since last weekend's non-COVID-compliant party," they write.

"I can see your almost empty apartment clearly being used as an illegal AIRBNB. I can see you taking a sh*t, having a shower, sleeping in till 1 o'clock completely naked. Yes, I see you cranking one out on your couch with PornHub open in fullscreen on your 80" TV. I can see your social insurance number and personal ID that you leave out on the desk. I see your banking statements and your bills."

They add they are not fazed by seeing anything unusual anymore, but that that they "feel bad" for anyone who sees them out of the corner of their eye and runs to close the blinds.