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This website finds Vancouver homes with criminal histories or haunted pasts

The website lists Vancouver properties stigmatized by murders, drug labs or paranormal activities
3416 Oak St
This Vancouver apartment building at 3416 Oak St appeared on the website Housecreep due to reports of paranormal activity.

Over a dozen Vancouver properties have been listed on Housecreep, a website that finds homes that were once part of a crime scene or have had inexplicable, maybe even paranormal, activities happen inside.

Launched by two Canadian brothers in 2013, the website aims to encourage disclosure in the real estate industry and to help home buyers and renters make informed decisions. The website allows users to easily look up listings near them where murders and other crimes have occurred, even reports of the paranormal.

Much of the information for the listings is crowdsourced but many others are backed up by news articles.

There are 13 listings that show up for Vancouver, most of them stigmatized for homicides or alleged murders. The most recent addition to the site points to a double murder that took place at 1768 East 11th Avenue in July 2020. 

In one of the more unique entries, a past resident of an apartment at 3416 Oak Street documented some paranormal goings-on. The account covers a series of events between 1996 to 2004 where the writer says they had stayed as a guest before moving in a year later. 

“I crashed on the couch in the living room only to wake up with the distinct feeling that someone was standing over me, staring at me,” the post reads. After moving in though things got progressively weirder. 

“I would hear activity in the kitchen like someone washing dishes. It was very disconcerting,” the post continues, recounting the time the tenant's pet became suddenly terrified and then…“I heard a male voice quite clearly call my name. The voice was right there in the room. It was unmistakably audible and chilling.”

Understandably, the tenant quickly sought other lodgings after that. 

To read the full account and see if any of the stigmatized properties are in your neighbourhood just check out Housecreep’s website.