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Tiny solarium, curtained living room being rented in same Vancouver apartment

"There's no homelessness in the neighborhood and it's neat!"

One landlord appears to be trying to fit as many people as they can into a two-bedroom apartment in downtown Vancouver.

In a listing on Facebook Marketplace, four spaces are being advertised in what appears to be a one-bedroom-plus-den apartment. The listing shows four different bed areas, but not all of them are proper bedrooms.

The main bedroom, a "second" bedroom (it appears to also be referred to as a den in the ad), a solarium and part of the living room are all being rented out. There's also a kitchen and laundry in the unit; residents also have access to a gym and sauna in the building.

The rooms vary in amenities and privacy, notes the ad.

"The [main bedroom] has a separate private bathroom, so it's easy to stay with friends or lovers!" reads the ad.

At the same time, smells from the kitchen creep into the private living room space, so ventilation is important to that tenant. The solarium appears to be wide enough for a twin bed and small desk; walls on two sides appear to be windows or glass doors.

Each of the sleeping areas is being charged a separate rent, ranging from $1,580 to $850 per month. In total, the ad is asking for $4,500, potentially from four different people, to rent the apartment.

The ad also praises the neighbourhood; the unit is not far from Robson Street and Coal Harbour.

"There's no homelessness in the neighborhood and it's neat!" it claims.