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TransLink responds to petition calling for an updated pet policy

The battle continues.
TransLink is doubling down on its pet policy, again.

A spokesperson from TransLink reached out to Vancouver Is Awesome after reading one of our stories reporting on a petition calling for an updated pet policy that would allow for more dogs on transit.

“TransLink’s pet policy allows pets on transit if they are in a fully enclosed handheld carrier that can fit on their handler’s lap. This includes enclosed backpacks and bags. It is reflective of pet policies in place at many other transit agencies in Canada and the U.S.," says the transit agency.

TransLink disputes the petition's original ask that dogs be allowed in backpacks and bags and cites a 2018 report that included input from employees, Users’ Advisory Committee, and the public which decided that they should be allowed in those types of carriers provided the animal was completely enclosed. TransLink also affirms and affirms that this policy is in line with that of other agencies.

The petition, which currently has over 2,000 signatures, has been updated to clarify that they are asking for dogs to be allowed in carriers and backpacks with their heads exposed. The petition reads: "TransLink is claiming that their policy is reflective of other policies across North America. However, the research table they provided in their Board of Directors Meeting on October 4, 2018, does not specify the difference between the policies that allow enclosed vs. not-enclosed carriers."

The founders have created their own spreadsheet compiling transit pet policies from around the world for comparison.