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TransLink to remove 40 bus stops along congested routes before summer

The changes are coming to 29 routes focussing on industrial areas as well as routes to warmer weather destinations like Deep Cove, Stanley Park and Spanish Banks
TransLink's newest round of “Bus Stop Balancing” proposes the removal of 40 bus stops across two major bus routes.

Big changes are coming to TransLink’s bus service ahead of warmer months, changes the public transit company says will reduce wait times and maximize social distancing onboard busses.

Through scheduling and route adjustments, TransLink is aiming to reflect changes in seasonal travel patterns in the region's transit system. In a recent press release, TransLink announced the changes will augment service on several bus routes across the Lower Mainland focusing on industrial areas as well as routes serving warmer weather destinations.

The transit company will be adding service to 10 routes to Deep Cove, English Bay, and White Pine Beach. Twenty-nine routes, including 19 routes in Surrey and North Delta will also receive added service. 

TransLink is also announcing a new round of “Bus Stop Balancing,” the consolidation and removal of bus stops that, according to TransLink, are too close together to improve travel times and reliability.

route_17_main_map_030121-page-001TransLink is proposing the removal of 18 stops from the 17 Oak/Downtown route. . By TransLink

TransLink is proposing the removal of 18 stops from the 17 Oak/Downtown route, a route TransLink says has some of the closest stops in the region. 

“77 of the stops are less than 300 metres apart (about 2 blocks). Some bus stops are directly across the street from one another, less than 75 metres apart!” the website reads.“We’re proposing changes to approximately one in five bus stops along Route 17… 92 per cent of customers will not need to adjust their journey.”

The changes come with a host of savings for transit users, four minutes are expected to be shaved off per round trip and the region is expected to save $110,000 or 1,000 weekday service hours annually according to TransLink.

route_25_main_map_030121-page-001TransLink is proposing the removal of 22 stops from the 25 Brentwood Station/UBC route. By TransLink

Another 22 stops are also to be removed from the 25 Brentwood Station/UBC route. Again TransLink’s website lists benefits echoing those of the 17 Oak/Downtown route Bus Stop Balancing. 

Some of the bus stops will be temporarily removed on April 12, but will only be permanently removed in the late spring of 2021 following feedback gathered from the public through a survey. Feedback must be provided through TransLink’s website before May 23. 

TransLink is also updating how customers can access bus timetables:

  • By mail
    • Customers unable to access digital materials can have access to printed timetables mailed to them upon request by phoning customer information at 604-953-3333.
  • By email subscription
    • Customers can subscribe to be notified of seasonal service changes by email.
  • By scanning QR codes at key locations
    • QR codes at key transit locations and at partner locations can be scanned to show regional timetables.

For the full list of seasonal service changes, visit TransLink’s service changes webpage.