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Truck driver who rolled into cyclist at Vancouver protest fired (VIDEO)

The incident was caught on video.
A truck was recorded bumping into a cyclist blocking the road during the ruck convoy protest Saturday, Feb. 5.

A trucking company in Chilliwack has fired a driver after an incident with a cyclist Saturday, Feb. 5 during the anti-vaccine mandate truck convoy protests.

In a video clip shared on social media the incident involving a semi-truck can be seen as the convoy moves through Vancouver. It shows the truck heading west on 12 Avenue at Ontario Street and a group of cyclists. One cyclist is in the road, blocking the truck's way.

The truck slowly rolls forward into the cyclist who stumbles. Eventually, the truck pushes the cyclist aside.

The truck is from Van Dokk Transport, based in Chilliwack. Owner Dustin Van Dokkumburg says the driver no longer works for the company.

"We do not support or condone the actions of that driver," writes Van Dokkumburg in an email to Vancouver Is Awesome. "This action was not permitted by us and we cannot stand behind it."

He confirms that the man driving the truck has been let go.

"We have already removed the driver from his position here, and we want it to be known that his actions were his alone."

Vancouver police say they've seen videos of multiple events from the weekend, but video alone doesn't mean they'll investigate.

"We really need anyone who is the victim or witness of a crime to contact police to make a report," says Cst. Steve Addison. "We can’t always determine from an online video where an incident took place, when it took place, whether a crime occurred, or even if the people involved want to be part of a police process."