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Truck horns blare in downtown Vancouver during anti-vaccine mandate protest (PHOTOS)

Residents reported horns blaring since late this morning
Vaccine mandate protest Vancouver
Trucks and other vehicles formed an anti-vaccine mandate convoy which descended on downtown Vancouver in support of similar protests happening in Ottawa.

In coordination with protests in Ottawa, trucks and other vehicles descended on downtown Vancouver to protest vaccine mandates.

Similar convoys and protests took place in Vancouver Island and the B.C. Interior starting late Saturday (Jan. 29) morning. Protesters wound their way through downtown honking horns for several hours according to social media posts throughout the day.

The Vancouver Police Department posted on Twitter shortly after 1 p.m. saying heavy traffic throughout the city due to the "planned trucker convoy protest" may lead to disruptions.

During the protest in Ottawa some protesters jumped on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and others fastened an inverted Canadian flag to a statue of Terry Fox as they decried vaccine mandates.

Their actions prompted a chorus of condemnation from public officials and online observers, who denounced the "desecration" of the monuments to Canadian heroes by some of the thousands who descended on Ottawa for a protest against COVID-19 measures and the Liberal government. 

With files from the Canadian Press