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Remember this Vancouver home full of museum-like treasures? Now you can go to its estate sale (PHOTOS)

"His history remains there," says a friend of the late owner, who hopes his belonging will "go to another good home."

Back in early May we brought you a story about a house for sale in East Vancouver filled to the brim with art, antiques and artifacts of all sorts.

The owner of the house enjoyed the story, according to Eva Roberts, a friend of his; it made him laugh and captured a piece of who he was. Members of the community reached out as well, sending him messages online, and more.

"Someone sent him a huge bouquet of flowers when they saw the article," Roberts says. "They just said 'Thank you for making Vancouver a beautiful place to live.'"

Unfortunately, he passed away shortly after, in mid-May.

"He passed away very peacefully looking over his front yard," she says. "He had this beautiful exotic garden and he was just sleeping there peacefully."

While the house has been sold, the homeowner's items are still there.

"His history remains there; hopefully, they'll go to another good home," Robert says.

She and a half dozen other friends of the man have decided that instead of sending his massive collection of cultural items to the dump or to be sold wholesale, they wanted to hold an epic estate sale to make sure as many of his prized items could find a good home as possible. They've spent two months preparing for the day and assembling everything.

"We just feel that these are his treasures. He loved art and valued antiques," she says. "We want these things to go to a good home."

There's a museum's worth of items that packed the house. Roberts notes that, as a caterer, the late homeowner had amassed kitchen items to go along with the artistic and antique pieces, including 15 dish sets.

"He's literally got a whole table of candlesticks," she says. "He's got a mountain of platters, he's got statues of everything from Greek to Tahitian to African art."

There are also items he collected from travels to places like New Zealand and China. And tons of furniture (as in five or six sets of unusual chairs). And an entire room of books.

"I feel that the objects in his home, they really stand out above a typical estate sale," Roberts says.

She and his friends have been volunteering their time to prepare the house. Many items were willed to people, but the number of things he owned far exceeded what they could absorb.

"He really did have a flair for drama and art and he loved architecture and cooking and gardening," Roberts says.

A caterer to some of Vancouver's wealthiest and most notable families, a celebration of his life was held in the spring after he passed at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. 

The sale will be held from noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 28 at the house itself, 2761 E 24th Avenue