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'Sick new skate spot': Vancouverites react to knocked-down pole on bike route

The resident alleges that a driver may have crashed into it.
A local resident shared a photo of a bollard heavily tilted to the side with its cement base lifted up, assuming that a driver crashed into it. The pole is located at the entrance to the Central Valley Greenway at Semlin Drive.

An uprooted bollard has stirred a response from Vancouver locals. 

A resident shared a photo of a metal pole heavily tilted to the side, with its cement base lifted up as well, to Twitter on Friday (June 9). 

The bollard is located at the entrance to the Central Valley Greenway at Semlin Drive. 

"Looks like a driver was hoping this bollard was a flex post," the local assumes in the tweet. Though the cause of the knocked-over pole is unclear, the Vancouver resident notes that "it's now a real danger to cyclists travelling this major bike route."

A couple of folks were left surprised. 

"Imagine thinking you could drive over it and finding out it isn't a flex post the hard way," says one person under the tweet. "I suspect that driver is filled with regret." 

Others pointed out some safety concerns.

"There should be a high visibility ribbon affixed to this bent post while awaiting for it to be removed/repaired," one person commented while another added that the bollard "needs a deeper anchor." 

Several Vancouverites jokingly noted that the uprooted pole would make a "sick new skate spot." 

"Skateboarder's dream," someone commented. Another suggested to "throw some 3/4 plywood over that and you have a commuter launch pad."

The City of Vancouver told V.I.A. that the area where the bollard was knocked over has been cordoned off and will be repaired shortly. 

"Bollard repairs are a rare occurrence with only a handful of incidents a year," the City adds. 

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