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Vancouver Canadians: Playoffs? Where we're going there are no playoffs!

The C's are on a streak, so get yourself to The Nat for the excitement!
The Vancouver Canadians are currently in first place in the Northwest league standings.

Don’t look now, but the C’s are currently in first place in the Northwest league standings. I said don’t look! Did you look? Oh, no…you probably jinxed it. 

Depending on when you consume this article the aforementioned statement (about the C’s being number one that you then jinxed by checking it) may, or may not, be true. 

In a six-team league, the wins and loss column can become a veritable dogfight, with teams soaring or crashing before you’ve had a chance to take it all in. So, I recognize this article might be out of date at any moment.  

But as of this writing, the Vancouver Canadians Baseball Club has won four games in a row and holds sole possession of first place. With the much hated, and terribly named, Everett Aquasox hot on their heels. 

With the risk of outing myself as a Too-Soon-Tommy, which is a term I just made up, I thought it might be a good time to check in on the playoff format for the Northwest League as we continue to barrel along through this glorious summer.

The short answer is: There are no playoffs! And yes, you read that right. As long as you read: There are no playoffs. 

With only six clubs in the league, the postseason will consist of a single, best-of-five championship series between two teams. Those two teams will be determined based on the best winning percentage for each half of the season.

Some of you, right now, might be saying: wait, wait, wait…the Canadians' baseball season is divided into two halves? And some of you, right now, might also be saying: yeah, yeah, yeah…we know all this, why am I reading this stupid article? Both are valid questions, however, I will only answer the one that wasn’t mean. 

Yes. Our beloved Northwest League’s season is divided into two halves. This is generally called a Split Season format. And maybe you’re wondering why?

Well, a couple of things spring to mind to answer that query. For starters, the minor leagues are primarily about development. Ballplayers can move up a level (or down) at any point during the season. Potentially, a team that has a ton of good players at the start of the season may see them all promoted, leaving them weak and vulnerable down the stretch. 

Another reason is fan interest. If your favourite team sucks out the gate, the reset in the middle of the season gives new hope and allows everyone to get back on the bandwagon.

Whatever the reason, it is what it is, and the C’s are currently top of the pack in the second half. 

And in case you’re wondering, and to save you some googling, the Eugene Emeralds (last year’s champions) clinched the First Half on June 18. And just to add some drama to it all: they did it with a 13-0 victory over the Vancouver Canadians. 

So, we need you at the ballpark right now. The C’s are in the hunt and if they continue their winning ways, they will face the Emeralds in the postseason.

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