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'Significant fall': Firefighters rescue injured window washer from soaring Vancouver building

There is a video of the rescue effort at the tall building that houses Microsoft and Nordstrom.
The man fell cleaning a building at 725 Howe St. that houses Microsoft and Nordstrom downtown. He was taken to St. Paul's Hospital afterwards.

Vancouver firefighters rescued a window washer from dangerous heights outside of a soaring building Monday (Aug. 22) morning. 

The Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services's (VFRS) technical team responded to a call around 10:38 a.m. that a window washer had been injured while cleaning a building at 725 Howe St., spokesperson Matthew Trudeau told Vancouver Is Awesome

Roughly eight to 10 crew members responded to the first-alarm assignment in the downtown core, which involved rappelling down the side of the tall building to access the injured man. 

"Our team did a tremendous job," noted Trudeau, adding that the technical team used its own secure line, called a pick, to transfer the injured individual off of his line. 

"He took a significant fall which could have damaged all of his equipment," he noted. "We move him off of his and put him on to ours and then rappel him down the rest of the building."

The injured man was transported to St. Paul's Hospital following the incident, added Trudeau.

The building houses both a Microsoft office as well as part of the Nordstrom shopping centre